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Best Kayak Paddle Holder of 2021 | Top 8 List By Kayak Buddy

Kayak holders are some of the most essential kayak accessories you will need. Having the best kayak paddle holder allows you to take breaks, photos, and fish without having the paddle as a distraction. If you wonder whether it is possible to get rid of your paddle even just for a minute when sailing, then the answer is yes.

There is too much to look for when purchasing a paddle holder; you will need to consider the quality, type, make material, and compatibility, among other factors. Manufacturers have a wide range of designs, and getting a genuine holder might be difficult. Below we have discussed some of the best-reviewed kayak paddle holders.

If you are in a hurry and just want to know about which is best then check the below table to take a look at the top 5.

Comparisons on Top 5 Best Kayak Paddle Holder

Image Product Name Specification Price
1. YAKAttack RotoGrip Paddle holder Track mount Size: 2.25 inches
Weight: 0.13kgs
Installation: Drilling
Material: UV stabilized nylon
Type: Assistive
Check Price
YakAttack-RotoGrip-Paddle-Holder,-Track-Mount---2-Pack-Bundle-2 2. YAKAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder Track Mount -2 pack bundle Size: 2.25 inches
Weight: 0.13 kgs
Installation: Drilling
Material: UV stabilized nylon
Type: Assistive
Check Price
RAILBLAZA-QuickGrip-Paddle-Clip-Trackmount-2 3. RailBlaza QuickGrip Paddle Clip Trackmount Size: 3.75 inches
Weight: 0.11 kgs
Installation: Drilling and Clipping
Material: Stainless steel
Type: Traditional
Check Price
YakAttack-PadLoc-Paddle-Holder---Black2 4. YAKAttack Padlock Paddle Holder Size: N/A
Weight: 0.05 kgs
Installation: Drilling
Material: Stainless steel
Type: Assistive
Check Price
Yakclips-Patented-Clip-On-Removable-Kayak-Paddle-Holder-2 5. Yakclips Patented Clip-on Removable Kayak Paddle Holder Size: 5 ounces
Installation: Clipping
Material: Ripstop
Type: Traditional
Check Price

Types of Kayak Paddle Holders

There are two types of kayak paddle holders. They are the traditional paddle and the assistive paddle holder. You need to know which is which. Also, having the best kayak is as important as having the best kayak paddle keeper or holder.

Traditional Paddle Holder: Traditional paddle holders are those that you use when the paddle is not in use. Most of them are clip, bungee, or cord. They secure your paddle on the kayak keeping it out of the way you are boarding or alighting the kayak. The paddle holders are attached to the paddle either directly or by using other mounting accessories like screws and rivets.

If you are a kayaker who doesn’t have the time to reposition your paddle continuously, take photos, or break, this paddle holder is the best.

Assistive Paddle Holder: The assistive paddle holder holds your paddle while you are still using it. It is not very popular, so most people do not know much about it. The assistive paddle holder is an excellent aid for older kayakers or kayakers experiencing joint pains and conditions like arthritis. It also exposes people with physical challenges to the sport.

This paddle holder allows you to let go of your paddle so you can easily relax, take a snack or take some photos while in the water. Paddle holder will also help you to kayak far out from locality as you will be able to take a rest anytime.

Things to Consider Before Buying Kayak Paddle Holder/Keeper

Compatibility: When purchasing a Kayak paddle holder, you need to consider if it’s compatible with most kayaks and paddles. It is recommended that you get standard-sized holders so you can use them on most standard kayaks.

Type: The different types of paddle holders include grip holders, taco-style holders, clip-style holders, and bungee holders. All these kayak paddle holders work perfectly on different kayaks. Therefore before making any purchase, ensure that the paddle holders will work perfectly on your paddle and kayak. The aim is to have your paddle securely on the kayak and making your kayaking experience better.

Material: The material of kayak paddle holders will determine how well it will work. With the different types of paddle holders, you will need to choose one that works best. For example, when purchasing the bungee/strap kayak paddle holder, ensure it secures your paddle, and it does not easily tear off. For other types like the grip, you need to ensure that the material is built to last and withstand all the water pressure. For paddle holders that come with screws and rivets, ensure that they are of good quality and the material is long-lasting.

Installation: Products like these require a little knowledge of how to use and install them. Most manufacturers and companies ensure that the products contain instructions on how to use them. In this case, you need to ensure that there are detailed instructions on how to use and install the paddle holders. Otherwise, you can ask an experienced kayaker with knowledge of kayaks accessories to help you fix and install the paddle holder.

Price: One of the most important considerations you need to make before making any purchase is pricing. Different products are priced differently depending on the quality. However, this is not always the case. You can always find cheaper and quality products. When it comes to kayak paddle holders, ensure you do not substitute the price for any other factor. It would be best to get the holders from renowned brands and look for something within your budget.

Top 8 Best Kayak Paddle Holder Review

Now we are going into the the detailed review of various kayak paddle holder and try to rank them based on their pros, cons and price tag. So let’s get started!

1. YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder, Track Mount

Best Paddle Holder In The World

The YakAttack paddle holder is a high-quality product and was voted as the year’s product for Yak Angler’s Kayak Angler’s Choice Award. The paddle holder is compatible with Yak Attacks MightyMount, Gear Trac, and most other kayak track systems. They are 2.25 inches tall, so it maintains a low profile.

The paddle holder grips the paddle shaft between two soft rollers, ensuring that you paddle silently and with the right amount of tension.

If you are going fishing, you can be assured that you will not scare away the fish, unlike the wobbly holders. The holder comes in different models, and it fits in the mounting rails perfectly. This paddle holder is easy to use and install. It is also sturdy and will last for a long time


  • The holder is easy to install
  • Sturdy and lasts long
  • Makes fishing easier


  • It is expensive
  • It can be too big to grip some paddles

2. YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder, Track Mount – 2 Pack Bundle

YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder

This paddle holder comes in a two-pack bundle. It is one of the best-reviewed paddle holder in the USA and was voted the product of the year. It is also sturdy and highly durable, so it will last for a long time.

It easily grips paddle shafts ensuring silent sailing. You can use it with most kayak track systems, and it’s easy to install and very affordable.

The YakAttack Rotogrip Paddle holder is 2.25 inches tall, so it maintains a low profile. With this product, you are not only assured of quality but also fantastic fishing and kayaking experiences.


  • It is a two-pack bundle
  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Easy to install


  • It is quite expensive

3. RAILBLAZA QuickGrip Paddle Clip Trackmount

RAILBLAZA QuickGrip Paddle Clip

The RAILBLAZA paddle holder is 3-3/4 inches wide, so it ensures the safety of your net and ensures that the paddle does not get off. There are paddle clip that makes it easy to store the paddle pole or the landing net. It is made of quality plastic material that lasts for a long time and can withstand all the harsh conditions in your fishing and sailing escapades.

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It comes with a universal design compatible with most standard shafts from 1-1/8 to 1-3/8. The clip is also relatively long, so you do not have to purchase a secondary clip to hold your paddle or pole. It is a unique clip that stands out from your track 3 inches, and it does not crowd the interior space.

You can also mount the RAILBLAZA paddle holder to the hole between the thumb knobs and any other accessories. You can also mount it directly to the kayak.


  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with most standard paddle shafts.
  • It can be mounted directly on the kayak


  • It can get wobbly if not well installed
  • Relatively expensive

4. YakAttack Padlock Paddle Holder

YakAttack Padlock Paddle Holder

The paddle holder is a product of YakAttack, a well-known brand name. YakAttack is known for its quality and durable products.

The YakAttack Padlock paddle holder is a highly secure and affordable gadget. It has two contact points, so it has a better holding power than paddle holders with a single holding point. It also contains two rubber bumpers that cushion the paddles at the entry point. The rubber bumpers keep the paddle holder quiet and stealthy.

It also has a security strap that ensures the paddle’s security and ensures it is more comfortable and you have peace of mind while sailing. It fits all standard-sized paddle shafts, and it is not limited to Werner and Bending Branches paddles. You also don’t have to worry about installation since it is easy to install and it’s also sturdy and highly durable.


  • Highly durable paddle holder
  • Easy to install


  • The hold out screws fall out easily when installing

5. Yakclips Patented Clip-on Removable Kayak Paddle Holder

different types of kayak paddle holder

This product ensures your security when paddling on your kayak or canoe. It is an easy-to-install holder; it is fully installed in just a few seconds, and the paddle is ready for use. You don’t require any drilling equipment or to drill holes on your kayak.

The additional clip allows you to clip this holder on your kayak as you exit or enter your kayak. You can also enjoy some time hands-free while sailing to take photos or eat. It is also adjustable and removable, so you can remove it easily as you store your kayak.

The Yakclips paddle holder contains two built-in accessory clips that ensure your paddle’s safety and reduces the noise that is brought about by wobbly paddles. It is also very lightweight as it is only 5 ounces. It is, therefore, very easy to transport, and it does not weigh you down in your adventures.


  • No tools are needed for installation
  • Easily adjustable and removable
  • Lightweight


  • The yakclip is not compatible with the sit-on-top kayak

6. SAMSFX Kayak Paddle Holder

SAMSFX Kayak Paddle Accessories

This product comes in a package consisting of four paddle holder straps. It is a convenient product since you do not need drilling holes, screws, or nuts in their installation. It can fit any paddle shafts, so you do not have to worry about your paddle and shaft size.

The high-quality paddle holder is made of quality nylon material and contains magic paste tape that will ensure the safety of your kayak. The paddle holders are also sturdy and highly durable. It is also very easy to adjust and tighten, so it will ensure the safety of your paddle. You need to hook it on your pad eye, D ring, or Bungee cord. It holds the paddle by simply clipping it on, and the Velcro does the holding.


  • Great value for money
  • Fits most standard-sized paddle shafts.
  • Easy to install


  • You may need developer’s help
  • Not compatible with older version of IE

7. YYST Kayak Paddle Clip Holder

YYST Kayak Paddle Holder Clip

This kit consists of four molded nylon paddle clips, eight ¾ inches stainless steel pan head screws, and eight stainless steel nuts. The universal paddle holder can fit in most standard paddle shafts between 1-1/8 inches to 1-1/4 inches diameter.

The paddle holder is safe, and it will not scratch your paddle since the screw mount sits under the rubber. It is also perfect for DIY projects. It is also to install, and it comes with installation instructions and highly durable due to its sturdiness.


  • Great thickness, so it is sturdy
  • Highly Durable
  • Economical


  • The clips become soft on water, and they can get very slippery.
  • They get flexed out of shape from staying in water.

8. Kayak Bungee Paddle Holder Kit for Kayak

Kayak Bungee Paddle Holder Kit for Kayak

This kayak rigging accessory comes in a pack of two plus six stainless steel 304screws and nuts. They are made of a 6mm bungee cord. The bungee is already installed, so you don’t have to do any extra work. There are also two J-hook with the holder that enhances the safety of your paddle. It is also used to store kayak paddle accessories and paddles.

The kayak paddle holder bungee is easy to install and holds your paddle firmly. You can also purchase rivets since it does not come with rivets. The rivets are essential in the installation and improve its efficiency.


  • Easy to use
  • Great value for money


  • It can get loose if you don’t use rivets
  • The bungee can easily come out of the plastic clip

Why Should You Use a Kayak Paddle Holder?

When you are going kayaking either for fun or competition, you will need to put your paddle down at one point or the other. Paddle holders are there to ensure that you can put your paddle down without any worries. Below are reasons why you should have a kayak paddle holder.

  • The paddle holders support the weight of your paddle. By supporting the weight of your shoulders, the paddle holders reduce stress on your shoulders, back, and joints. It is also a great help for older people and persons with physical challenges to kayak with no problem. Especially with the assistive holders, you can also go kayaking or fishing even with arthritis.
  • You can paddle in every direction. The rotating head on the support mounts allows you to paddle rotate in every direction, so you will have a fluid, energy-efficient experience that requires a smaller range of motion.
  • Alighting and Boarding your kayak easily. With a paddle holder, you can alight and board your kayak with no hassle. Sometimes, it can get challenging to get into your kayak or get out when holding your kayak.
  • Most kayak holders can be used to store your paddle even when it’s not in use. Once the kayak is in storage, you need the paddle holder to keep the paddle safely.
  • Makes Fishing easier and more enjoyable. With a kayak paddle holder, you can enjoy your fishing experience. While fishing, you will need to put the paddle down to lower your fishing rods. So with a kayak paddle holder, you will not worry about where to stick your paddle. It also ensures a quiet fishing experience since you can store your paddle quietly as you pick the fishing rod.

Kayak Paddle Holder Installation Process

Without experience or prior knowledge can be challenging to install a kayak holder, so you should ask for help from an expert or a friend. To learn the installation process, you first need to learn about the basics of kayak paddle holders. That is what they are, their make and uses. Then, you need to understand the installation process step by step. After you have fully understood the process perfectly, you can try to practice and see if you can follow the process. You only need to ensure that you have all the required equipment and you are careful.

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How to Install a Kayak Paddle Holder and Where to Put a Kayak Paddle Holder?

The installation of a kayak paddle holder is divided into two types. One is when you can see the inside of the rim. The second is when you don’t see the inside or the underside. The difference between the two is noticeable by looking at the hole size and where each part goes. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to install a kayak paddle holder.

  1. The first step is gathering the paddle holder, nuts, screws, drill bit, and drill.
  2. Check whether you have inside access or not. If you have the inside access, use a 3/16 drill bit. If you do not have inside access, use the 3/8 drill bit to make the hole.
  3. Mark where you want to drill and drill the holes.
  4. After this, place the well nuts on the inside and the paddle holder on the outside so that the holes of the holder, kayak, and well nut line up.
  5. After this, screw in the paddle holder and make sure it is tightly fixed.
  6. You can choose to use two paddle holders for one paddle. You will need to finish up with the first and start on the second.

Final Thoughts

When you are looking to make a kayaking experience enjoyable, ensure you have all your accessories. Kayak paddle holders will help you ensure the safety and security of your kayak anytime you are in the water.

If you enjoy fishing, we recommend the YakAttack RotoGrip paddle holder since it is one of the best-reviewed paddle holders in the USA, and it grips the shaft firmly, ensuring silent sailing.

The Kayak Bungee Paddle holder is also an excellent choice since it is very easy to install, and it holds your paddle when you need to rest or take photos as you kayak.

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