Top 5 Best Kayak Paddle

Best Kayak Paddle – Lightweight, Heavy Duty, Adjustable

When it comes to choosing the best Kayak Paddle, there are a lot of things to consider. From price and efficiency to lightweight and sturdy, the list goes on and on. However, people tend to associate highly-priced goods with quality. This is not always the case, you can always find affordable and quality products.

When it comes to kayak paddles, there are plenty of them out there, and choosing the best can be quite a daunting task. Especially with a budget, you will need to ensure that get the kayak that is durable, sturdy, quality, and the right fit for you.

Do not have the time to read our in-depth review? We got you covered with the below comparison table showing the best features available on the top 5 kayak paddle on our list. So compare and decide yourself on which one to buy.

Comparisons on Top 5 Best Kayak Paddle

Image Product Name Features Price
1. Intex Boat and Kayak Oars Series Material: Aluminum
Size: 54”
Blades: Ribbed
Weight: Lightweight
Check Price
OCEANBROAD-Kayak-Paddle 2. OCEANBROAD Kayak Paddle Material: Aluminum
 86-90.5 inches
Fiberglass Reinforced PP
Check Price
Poseidon-Paddle-89-Kayak-Paddle 3. Poseidon 89 Paddle Material: Aluminum
Size: 89 inches
Blades: Reinforced Fiberglass
Weight: Lightweight
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Pelican-Aluminum-Kayak-Paddle 4. Pelican Standard Kayak Paddle Material: Aluminum
Size: 87 inches / 220 cm
Blades: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
Weight: Lightweight
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SeaSense-Kayak-Paddle 5. SeaSense Kayak Paddle Material: Aluminum
84 inches
Check Price

How Long Should a Kayak Paddle Be?

Paddling is a bunch of fun. But if you aren’t sure of the paddle size you need, it will become a problem. This is especially true for first-time paddlers who have no idea of the best size kayak to buy.

In this section, we are going to share a few pointers on how to choose the right size. However, the size of the paddle you choose depends on several factors.

Take a look at the chart guide below for more understanding.

Kayak Paddle Size Chart

kayak paddle size buying guide based on length and paddler height

As seen from the above chart, it is easy to notice that the longer the boat, the wide your paddle. Similarly, if you are tall, you will need a longer paddle.

If you are a recreational paddler, you need to go for a longer paddle. It will help you to reach the water easily. For touring and sea kayakers, you might consider short paddles because you need fewer efforts to reach the water.

So, when shopping kayak, ensure you measure the width on its widest points. Most products, including the above ten, provide width measurement as one of their specs and features.

Here are the width measurements for common kayak types;

  1. Recreational Kayak– Measures 26″-30″. These types of kayaks are 6 to 12 feet long.
  2. Touring kayaks– Measures 26″-30″. They are 12-15 feet long.
  3. Whitewater kayaks-Its width measurement is critical as far as their height is concerned. They generally start from 7 to 11 feet long.
  4. Performance kayaks– Measures 19″-22″. They are 15 to 18 feet.

You see, there are about four categories where your kayak may fall. Measure the width of your kayak then you are likely to know your paddle size. Another vital factor that you should consider is the paddling angle. Are you a high or low-angle paddler? Knowing this will help you choose the right paddle size.

  • High-angle paddling-It is quick and fast. And since you need more vertical strokes, shorter paddles might be the best choice. For instance, whitewater kayakers use high-angle paddling frequently.
  • Low-angle paddling-It is a slow and relaxed movement on the water. It requires more horizontal strokes, so consider longer paddles. Low-angle paddling is commonly used by recreational and touring kayakers.

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Kayak Paddle


When considering the length, ensure you will be comfortable no matter your height. It would also be wise to get an adjustable paddle so you can adjust it to your most comfortable position. Ensure you find the right length.  Otherwise, the wrong length can make your paddle hard to control.


Kayak paddles get constructed differently. Because the shaft is large than other parts of the paddle, you need to ensure it is lightweight. Realistically, a paddle built using light materials will improve your kayaking experience by far. Also, get a material that can stand the test of time.

The Blades

Blades are crucial parts of any paddle. So, how you choose your blade will directly impact the overall paddling experience. Large blades are more powerful and are likely to displace more water. Small blades tend to be more efficient as they cut through water easily.


Sounds like a cliche, but kayaks come at different prices. The price of most kayaks ranges from $15-300, depending on the construction materials, blade types, and design methods. Always go for what you can afford. With proper research, you can always find a paddle within your budget.

Top 10 Most Rated Kayak Paddles Review

We reviewed a plethora of the best brands on the market and picked out the best kayak paddles. Our list includes the best fiberglass, aluminum, and carbon fiber paddles. Keep reading below for a full review of the 10 best budget kayak paddles in 2021.

1. Intex Boat and Kayak Oars Series

best lightweight kayak paddle

The first thing you will notice about this paddle is its sleek appearance. Intex Boat and Kayak Oars Series is a versatile beauty. They are the best kayak paddles for beginners and seasoned pros looking for a lightweight paddle. Pick up this model, and you will love its design. You will also enjoy the pleasing balance it offers.

This Intex model is constructed of aluminum shaft and metal handles so you can be sure of the durability. The strong ribbed blades will cut through water easily, making it an all-around performer regardless of your experience level. Especially popular with people looking for a comfortable paddle.

The product can approximately be assembled to a size of 4.5 ft. It also has an easy locking system and comes with drip rings to allow portability. What else? Intex Boat and Kayak Oars series is an ideal paddle that promises premium without pretension. Even better, it keeps rates in your pocket.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble


  • Can easily detach
  • Flimsy paddles

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2. OCEANBROAD Kayak Paddle

best value kayak paddle

Oceanbroad is an outstanding and time-proven option that delivers wide coverage. Constructed of quality materials, this product is a powerful and robust tool for kayaking across the water. Perfect for flat waters and rivers.

To be precise, we are talking about an affordable kayak paddle with a quality aluminum alloy shaft (approximately 1.1mm of thickness). It is reinforced with fiberglass blades. The strong material combination is to ensure a durable paddle that will withstand a test of time.  It is 218cm long and weighs 1.11kgs.

It features an excellent design requiring fewer strokes to achieve the most rapid kayaking possible. You will also like the shrinking PE tube, which allows a good grip for long hands. The feature also provides a protective cushion, reducing friction, thus preventing blistering and cuts.

The product comes with three locking positions so you can choose your preferred kayaking angle. It is also constructed with two drip rings at both ends to help your hands from wetting. There is also three locking position that allows you to enjoy different angles when kayaking.

Oceanbroad is an excellent choice for both beginners and intermediate adventure seekers.


  • Perfect design for fast kayaking
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight so it is easy to paddle


  • Loose where the paddles connect

3. Poseidon Paddle 89″

best all around kayak paddle

Undoubtedly, it takes a lot of time and practice to get the best paddle that meets your expectation and budget. If you are beginning down the path to kayaking and would like to gain more experience, Poseidon Paddle 89 might be your solution. Whether you are looking for a low or high-angle paddling style, you won’t go wrong with this kayak. It is among the best cheap kayak paddles.

The product is fiberglass reinforced, making it one of the affordable blades you will find on the market today. Especially popular with those seeking recreational kayak paddles. Apart from being economical, fiberglass blades enhance durability. So, expect to use this paddle for longer periods. It is the best kayak for those looking for a narrow design. Its indexed shafts allow you to grip the paddle firmly with your right hand and loosely with the left so avoiding fatigue and you can have a pleasurable moment when kayaking. It also allows you to paddle with offset blades so reducing wind resistance of the upper blade as it moves through the air.

It comes with hooks for collecting trash during kayaking. This kayak s 89’ long and weighs 1.1KGS. Its aluminum and fiberglass material enhances its longevity and sturdiness. It is ideal for paddlers between 5.0” and 6.0” in kayaks between 28” and 32” wide.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable paddles
  • Affordable pricing


  • No drip rings

4. Pelican Poseidon Kayak Paddle 87″

Kayak paddle brand pelican

Are you a beginner looking for a reliable paddle for your kayaking adventure? Pelican Poseidon is worth consideration. The product is designed to last.

Pelican is lightweight. So, you can hang around with it. It also promises to offer high-end performance-crafted to enhance your maneuvering experience. It is easy to use and requires minimum effort.

The reinforced fiberglass blades are durable and guarantee a versatile kayaking experience. It also features an ergonomic design to reduce wrist fatigue. Plus drip rings to keep hands dry. What it lacks in robustness, it makes up for stress-free performance.

Pelican Poseidon Kayak Paddle ticks all boxes when it comes to sturdiness. With polypropylene blades and strong aluminum shafts, this product promises to offer the best resistance. It is also worth mentioning that this paddle offers 0-65 degrees angle adjustment. So you can be sure of the control and stability.

The 87-inch Kayak Paddle is an ideal option for recreational paddlers seeking longer paddles. It is suitable for paddlers between 8” and 11”. They are commonly used with kayaks between 23”-28” wide.


  • Ergonomic design for easy gripping
  • Study make and design


  • No hand grips
  • Paddle blades not symmetrical

5. SeaSense Kayak Paddle

seasense ocean kayak paddle

For a Kayak adventurer, choosing the best paddle comes down to durability and efficiency. Luckily, the Seasense kayak paddle offers both the two in spades. It is one of the top-rated paddles on the market today, providing convenience and maximum choice for discerning users.

This top-rated kayak paddle isn’t just a terrific kayak paddle beyond expedience and value for money; it also comes with compelling features that make it stand tall above its competitors of the same price range.

First, the product features a feathered blade design to allow easy maneuvering on water. The blades are perfectly designed for power, so you don’t need much of your energy to get where you are going. Besides the excellent design, paddlers will also notice a stronger lightweight shaft to increase efficiency. 

The paddle also comes equipped with adjustable drip guards to keep hands dry. It also has a support ridge for extra strength. There is also three locking position making it easy to paddle in different angles. They also have a one-year warranty so you can return them in case of a malfunction.

The product is easy to assemble and store. Seasense is an excellent choice for those looking to take their kayaking to another level.


  • Strong and durable
  • Three locking position for efficient paddling
  • Feather blade for easy maneuvering in water


  • Narrow shaft grip

6. Overmont Kayak Paddle

best inexpensive kayak paddle

Overmont is very easy to use and one of the best kayak paddles on the market today. The product provides excellent paddling at an even better price.  It is 90.5 inches long and the heavy-duty construction ensures its durability.

Overmont features a unique construction to allow easy storage. It comes with two feather-shaped blades for efficiency. Both blades are well balanced to ensure excellent performance. You will also love the double serrated edge teeth design, which gives it a superb feel. It features a symmetrical shape which allows stability. Even better, the paddle is designed with a hollow aluminum shaft tube that keeps it float on the water.

The product is lightweight and an excellent option for long paddling. It is a perfect option for both beginners and seasoned paddlers. But it is also a good investment for sea adventures.

Overall, this is a paddle that works well for normal kayaking. So, if you are looking for a quality kayak paddle without breaking your bank.


  • Easy to assemble
  • It is 90.5 inches long so it is perfect for people of different sizes
  • Serrated edge teeth design


  • Poor quality carrying bag

7. Poseidon Angler Fishing Kayak Paddle

budget fiberglass kayak paddle

Another quality kayak paddle by Poseidon is the Angler Fishing tool. The paddle is equipped with hooks ready to take your fishing to another level.

The paddle is 98″ long, making it suitable for long hands. Reinforced with fiberglass- this product is constructed to last. It also features an ergonomic design that keeps every fisher comfortable along.

Poseidon Angler Fishing paddle is portable and can be broken down into parts for easy storage. It has a handgrip to keep hands dry by preventing water from coming down to the handle. The paddle can be adjusted up to an angle of 65 degrees.

Poseidon features an ovalization design, where the shaft is slightly edged to an oval shape to allow enough space for placing your hands. The oval-shaped shafts also allow for casual and long-distance paddling.

But a fishing paddle is at its best when it is sturdy. And this is an accomplishment. Poseidon Angler Fishing paddle is one of the heavy-duty paddles you can buy with excellent features.

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  • Easy portability and can be broken into different parts
  • Adjustable up to 65 degrees


  • Heavy

8. Pelican Boats – Kid Size Kayak Paddle

kid kayak paddle

Do your kids love kayaking? Pelican Boats – Kid Size Kayak is waving at you. The paddle is the perfect choice for children, but it also does an excellent job for those new to the kayaking world.

The model comes with kid-sized blades for efficient maneuvering in the water. The blades are made of high-quality materials to boost durability. Its design also features a PVC shaft which provides a comfortable ride for most children.

The paddle is lightweight, portable, and easy to assemble. No hard work is required because all connecting parts screw together easily without any fuss. It is also easy to transport and store.

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The product features vibrant colors to enhance its appearance. Its design is nothing than just a short of spectacular.

Pelican Boats is an ideal option for those tight on budget but still want something vibrant and durable.


  • PVC shaft for a comfortable ride
  • Highly durable


  • It is quite short and cannot be used by an adult
  • A little bit flimsy

9. Telescoping Plastic Boat Paddle

kayak paddle for boats

Telescoping plastic paddles deliver no-nonsense when it comes to durability and strength. It offers excellent performance without shame and intimidation. Choose this model, and you will get pleased with how it cuts through the water surface at ease.

The product is simple to fix and transport. It is also easy to assemble. The telescoping paddle features a fantastic design that makes it easier to store. An example of what a jet ski paddle should look like.

The model comes with an adjustable handle, which can extend from 18.75″ to 35″. This means the Telescoping paddle can take a small space when broken down for transportation and storage. It also comes equipped with a quality aluminum shaft, which is engineered with sturdy blades to allow efficiency when cutting through the water surface.  It also features a t-grip handle paddle with high-impact plastic blade.

Telescoping plastic boat paddle is a perfect emergency kit for jet-ski and dinghy. Yes, because it is portable and extremely lightweight. It is also worth mentioning that this paddle can work pretty well as an inflatable boat for children. It is a floating boat, after all.


  • Saves space when transporting
  • Aluminum shaft cuts through the water perfectly


  • Small paddle surface

10. OCEANBROAD Kayak Paddle

foldable kayak paddle

Oceanbroad has unveiled another masterpiece Kayak paddle that simplifies every person’s paddling routines. It is one of the best Amazon products, which has 4.7 ratings from 476 reviewers making it the best budget kayak paddle. This is likely due to its ability to deliver high-end performance that you wouldn’t expect from other paddles. It is 90.5 inches long and weighs around 33oz.

The product has earned the highest scores for its easy maneuverability. It is a perfect kit you can consider for your next camping. The paddle has also won the hearts of many paddlers because of its durability. The carbon fiber kayak paddle is constructed with a UV stable blade that can surely last throughout your kayaking sessions.

It is lightweight and features an excellent length best for paddlers of different skill levels. It is not too short and not too long. Call it a moderate paddle. The paddle also has two detachable sections to allow easy transportation and storage.

The drip rings, three angles, and free leashes are combinations of features that make this paddle a real winner.


  • Contains drip rings and free leashes
  • Strong and durable construction


  • The holes don’t snap together easily

Frequently Asked Questions By Buyers

Q1. What length kayak paddle should I get?

Answer: The length of the kayak paddle you need to get depends on several factors, including your body stature, angle preference, kayak design, among others.

Q2. What is the best kayak paddle for a beginner?

Answer: There is no telling the precise kayak paddle for a beginner. But we believe it should be simple to operate, transport and store.

Q3. What happens when you use too long of a paddle for kayaking?

Answer: Using a too-long paddle means you will have less control over your paddle. So, you need to be extra careful when choosing the length of your paddle to ensure you have maximum control of your kayak.

Q4. What size paddle do I need for a 10-foot kayak?

Answer: Paddles come in different sizes and the different sizes are suitable for different sized kayaks. For a 10 feet kayak, the size ranges between 220cm-250cm. The above table for more detailed information and clear outline for the different kayaks..

Q5. Is a longer kayak paddle better?

Answer: It depends on your body size. Otherwise, a long kayak paddle is better for tall kayakers. If you are short then go for relatively short paddles otherwise, you will have a hard time paddling.

Q6. Does a kayak paddle make a difference?

Answer: Absolutely yes. Kayak paddles are constructed differently and come in various types.  The type of paddle will determine how well you paddle and maneuver in the water.

Final Thought

Finally, we have got a list of the 10 best kayak paddles for your money. So, it is up to you to choose the one that perfectly suits you. If you are a recreational paddler, you might consider SeaSense Kayak Paddle. But if you are looking for something to use for a canoe, Telescoping Plastic Boat Paddle is worth a try. With the proper understanding of what you need, you can always get what you need within your budget.

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