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How Many Calories Burned While Doing Kayaking? – Formula To Calculate

When it’s about burning calories and losing weight, we only picture the difficult times we spend in the gym. But you can get all those while enjoying the beautiful waterfalls. 

Kayaking lets you do this.  But to go for a serious kayak session, you need motivation which comes from the facts about kayaking. The facts about how many calories burned kayak, why it’s beneficial to your physical or psychological health, and so on. 

So, let’s read along to know all of this. Ready?

Burn Calories Doing Kayaking Everyday!

As we have been saying, kayaking is an excellent exercise you can do as well as enjoy the serene outdoor views at the same time. It burns calories because it’s a full-body workout that targets many muscle groups of your body. Many people love to do kayaking to lose weight and as it’s a sport it’s exciting and is a very handy method for many.

If you ask how many calories burned while kayaking, there’s no specific, one-word answer. Because it depends on your weight and how much a workout you are putting in. However, here’s basic knowledge (for now) we will discuss later in detail. 

If you are a person of average weight (around 56 kg), you can burn almost 283 calories in one hour. But someone who’s slightly heavier than you (68 kg), can burn around 340 calories per hour. So, these are the answers to ‘how many calories burned kayaking in 1 hour?’ 

So, what it means is; the more your weight is, the more calories you can burn. 

While rowing, you move the paddle up to the front which transports weight from your lats to the shoulders. Also, it targets the lateral, anterior, and rear deltoids within a single movement. This is how it works, the pecs and chest enjoy your workout. 

If you just newly stepped into kayaking, you may feel that you hurt to the core for some days. But you will build stability and strength over time and things will be easy-peasy.    

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How Many Calories Burned Per Mile When Kayaking?

To know the answer, you have to do some maths. Regardless of whether you’re allergic to high school mathematics or just don’t want to waste your time, let us do this for you.

The first thing we will do is to measure how many calories you can burn per minute by kayaking. To do so, we will need METs value for kayaking. Don’t get puzzled, MET (Metabolic Equivalent) is the value of how much energy your body exerts while you’re sitting still or resting.

So, if we say one activity has a 4 METs value, it means the activity requires four times more of your energy than is required if you were simply resting.  

There are standard measurements of METs value. For example, according to the report of the 2011 Compendium (for physical activities), if you kayak 6 miles per hour vigorously, the METs value is 12.5. 

Let’s do the math with this standard value. 

The formula of Calories Per Minute= 3.5 ✖ weight (kg) ✖ METs value/200

Suppose your weight is 82 kg and you are going to kayak 6 miles per hour (vigorously). Let’s put the values in the formula. 

Calories Per Minute= 3.5 ✖ 82 ✖ 12.5/200 = 18 calories. 

If you paddle 6 miles per 60 minutes in a kayak, it will take 10 minutes for 1 mile in a kayak. 

So, if you burn 18 calories in 1 minute, you will burn 180 calories in 10 minutes, meaning you will burn 180 calories by kayaking 1 mile if you are a person of 82 kg. 

Now, you can easily say how many calories burned kayaking 10 miles. Since you can burn almost 180 calories by kayaking a mile, you will burn 1,800 calories if it’s 10 miles!

Did you get the process? Hopefully, you did. Otherwise, spend a few more minutes to get the maths.

When you understand what’s the matter here, you will get it easily that if your kayaking speed is 7 or 8 miles per hour, it will take less time to kayak 1 mile. 

So, this is how you can know how many calories burned kayaking per mile. Let’s do some random maths to make things crystal clear to you. 

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With this measurement, you can get the value of 3 hours of kayaking calories burned as well; it will be close to 3,240 calories! And, calories burned in 300 minutes of the kayak are 5,400! It’s huge, right?   

Physical and Psychological Health Benefits of Kayaking

Well, enough mathematics for today. Let’s see how kayaking can help you with both physical and psychological improvements. 

Physical Benefits:

  • Kayaking burns your calories, increases your stamina, and loses weight. 
  • Regular kayak sessions will build your muscle, strong core, your upper body’s framework, and toned eggs.
  • It’s also a great cardiovascular activity that improves the heart muscles and blood pumping. 

Psychological Benefits:

  • Kayaking offers you to enjoy the beautiful nature and breathe in the fresh air. It helps to reduce your stress and make you feel better. 
  • Since kayaking is an exhausting exercise, it will let you have a great sleep afterward. 


So, you have managed to come to the very bottom of this post which is great! The way we broke down the topic ‘calories burned kayaking’, we hope that you are leaving with no confusion in your mind about the topic. 

Kayaking is one of the best outdoor sports. If you are a beginner, let the starting days pass a bit, you will love the sport wholeheartedly.   

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