Long Term Storage for Kayaks

How To Store A Kayak In An Apartment

The safest way to store your kayak is indoors. Extreme weather conditions outdoor will ruin and cause damage to your kayak. Do not shy away from purchasing your kayak simply because you have limited space.

You can store your kayak even in your apartment. If your apartment is spacious, you only have to look for an appropriate position for your kayak. However, don’t get worried if your apartment is small. You can hack some ideas on how to store your kayak in a small apartment.

Storage Ideas you can use in your apartment

Some of the ideas you can use to store a kayak in your apartment include the use of a pulley system, kayak ranks and wall mount.

Pulley System: The pulley system is perfect for apartments with limited space. It is also one of the safest ways to store your kayak. The kayak is free from moisture and excessive heat while lifted. It is also out of reach for children or anything that could contribute to damaging the kayak.

Placing the kayak vertically :

You can also choose to store place your kayak vertically at a designated position in your apartment. This is a good method to keep the kayak, but it comes with some disadvantages. When a kayak is placed on the side for a long, it can get damaged or have its body deformed if you choose to use this method to store your kayak, switch the position or store it this way once in a while.

Hanging the kayak vertically will also damage your kayak with time; too much weight is exerted on the kayak leading to deformation.

Purchasing an Inflatable Kayak:

You can decide to buy an inflatable kayak. This will save you a lot in terms of space and looking for storage ideas. To store an inflatable kayak, you need to deflate it first.

Once it is deflated, you can fold it to fit the space available. If the kayak is inflated during storage, it can result in damage to the valves. Storing an inflated kayak for long periods also strains the skin of the kayak.

If a kayak is inflated and extreme temperature changes, it will cause damages also to the kayak. If the temperatures rise, the kayak will expand and, in some instances, result in raptures.

Therefore, deflating and folding the kayaks is the best way to store them. When folded, roll your kayak regularly to avoid the formation of seams that result in weak spots.

Kayak Racks: Racks are perfect when you need to store a kayak in your apartment. You buy the kayak racks with large hooks where your kayak sits. The kayak racks are perfect since you can move them from one place to another.

Wall Mount: Wall mounts come with fabricated hooks that you can screw to your wall. They also come with straps and foam over the metal. You can place your wall mounts where you are most comfortable. Any height will do. The wall mounts, on the other hand, requires people to fix and put the kayak. It is therefore not advisable if you leave alone.

Where to store the kayak?

We have looked at some brilliant kayak storage ideas in an apartment. Something else we need to consider is the specific location you can hack these ideas. Most apartments have storage lockers that you can rent. If you are lucky enough to have a storage locker in your apartment, you can rent it to have your kayak stored safely.

Another great idea is looking for a reserved place like between a hedge and the building. A place where there are slight or no movements of people. If you can have such a place it will be a great storage space for your kayak. However, make sure the kayak is not exposed to the sun.

The living room is also a perfect storage spot. Hanging the kayak in the living room. With the kayak hanging in your living room, you have daily access to it, and you are also assured of its safety.

Some people are also lucky enough to have an extra room outside the apartment. The extra room can be a perfect spot to store the kayak. You can also hang the kayak on your balcony if there is a way to block the sun rays to avoid any damages.

Alternatively, if you own a kayak, look for a house with multiple rooms. This way, you can designate one room for the kayak storage.

Do’s and Don’ts when storing a kayak

After paddling and having a good time with your kayak, you should rinse the kayak well to get rid of sand and grime. If you use suspended means to store your kayak, ensure the weight of the kayak is evenly distributed to avoid any instances of deforming.

Also, keep your kayak away from moisture and sunlight. If possible, store the kayak against the wall. If you choose to lift the kayak, you should place it upside down to avoid it getting scratches from the storage racks and avoid dents at the bottom.

Don’t use handles or scuppers to hang your kayaks. This might lead to distortion of the boat’s hull. Also, it would be best if you never used the kayak transportation trolley as a storage device. The trolley might not be strong enough to bear the weight for long.

 place your kayak on the side for a long. Storing it on the side will cause dents on the sides of the kayak.

What to avoid when having a kayak in your apartment

When having a kayak in your apartment, make sure it is out of reach of home animals like cats and dogs. Animals will make it their home, and Din leads to damages like the kayak may get scratches. Additionally, it could be a breeding ground for rodents and insects.

Also, you should make sure the kayak does not block pathways in your house. If it does, people will be forced to step on it every time they are moving about. When it’s on the pathway, the kayak is likely to get dragged as the apartment is being cleaned or created more space.

Another mistake you will make by having a kayak in your apartment, is having it within reach of children. The kayak is fascinating, and children will be attracted to it. Having children regularly playing on the kayak may lead to damages and the kayak having dents.

Finally, it would be best to avoid moisture at all costs on your storage space, and you don’t store the kayak on a rough surface.

Here’s a video from Old Town Canoe Kayak on How to store a kayak

What options do you have?

If you want to paddle alone, there are inflatable kayaks available in the market. An inflatable kayak lets you adjust the seat according to your needs. That means you can turn it into a solo kayak easily.

Safety is a big issue when you’re trying to paddle alone in a two-person kayak, which doesn’t have an adjustable seat. Since a tandem kayak is built for two-person, you’ll have to paddle more than usual.


It is now clear that kayak ownership is not limited to people with large spaces or kayak storage facilities. If you are a lover of paddling, you can get your kayak and store it in your small apartment. With the different storage ideas, having a kayak ruined by the extreme weather condition is wrong. Having the limitation of space, it is wiser that you get the inflatable kayak. The traditional kayak will get you more frustrated when looking for a storage idea compared to the inflatable kayak.

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